Saturday, October 29, 2005

61 things to do with an AOL CD

Check it out, some of them are funny.

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Look Up Tonight! The Red Planet Is Near.

For the second time in nearly 60,000 years, the Red Planet will swing unusually close to Earth this weekend. More skygazers this time around can glimpse the fourth rock from the sun because it will glow above the horizon.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Start with a crash, end in tears

So it came and went, kinda like this:
6:30 am - wake up, get ready to go
7:00 am - out the door, heading to Becca's
7:10 am - rear end a guy (Adam) at Middlebelt and Warren
7:15 am - exchange information, call Becca to tell her I'd be late, call Mom to tell her what happened
7:25 am - back on the road to Becca's house...more carefully this time
7:55 am - knock on Becca's door
8:05 am - on the road to EMU for class at 9
8:25 am - stop at a gas station
8:45 am - arrive at Parking Structure, decide to park in Mayhew
8:50 am - park in Mayhew, not going to class
9:00 am - run around practice field for a while, Becca does the same
9:45 am - start walking around campus (frozen) to start Becca's EMU tour
10:50 am - open Birthday presents from Becca
11:00 am - lunch at DC1, yay food! (and heat)
11:50 am - head towards Strong for my Astronomy exam
12:00 pm - begin exam
12:20 pm - turn in exam and leave
12:25 pm - head to parking structure
12:35 pm - phone rings (Ed)
12:45 pm - meet Ed at Eastern Eateries
1:15 pm - go to Ed's dorm
1:30 pm - download Ed's music onto my iBook, play cards with Ed and Becca
3:30 pm - leave dorm, walk to Pray Harrold for quality time on the wall
3:45 pm - Happy Birthday phone call from Charlyn
3:50 pm - Happy Birthday phone call from James
4:00 pm - phone call from Adam about a police report
4:01 pm - phone call from Citizen's about the accident
5:15 pm - leave wall, head to Eateries for dinner
5:45 pm - sit outside Eateries on another wall
6:00 pm - head back to the car
6:05 pm - on the road to Becca's house
6:25 pm - detour around Michigan Ave
7:00 pm - stop at gas station, tank on empty
7:05 pm - back on the road
7:20 pm - stop at The Wal for Pull-n-Peels for Becca
7:35 pm - arrive at Becca's house
7:45 pm - head to Cherry Hill Lanes
8:45 pm - head home
9:00 pm - arrive at home, spend next 2 hours in tears
11:05 pm - jump online
12:15 am - shut down

Through this day, the lesson was learned. It's time for all the childish bullshit to end. I'm 18 now. No more looking to Mommy for help when I don't know what to do. Time to stand on my own, there won't always be someone there to help me. No relying on Mommy and Daddy when things get tough.

Suck it up.

Deal with it.

Welcome to life.